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[arthur-frank] editions focuses on publishing screen-to-print projects. We look for online content through blogs, apps, ect.. with the intent to publish and distribute them as printed matter.

The internet as a medium has become a great source for generating and archiving content, but despite its diversity and sheer breadth, it can feel somewhat intangible. Print has the capacity to capture content in a more substantial form. The online world is a large resource for unrealised talent and the screen-to-print scheme gives artists, authors and curators a chance to be published.

Our first project was a limited publication of a photography blog called if you leave and was successfully sold in exclusive bookstores across London, Paris and New York. In November of 2011 we published a second volume, followed by a successful launch and exhibition in London.

In November 2013 the Volume III was launched and backed by a showcase of ten large prints hosted at Mother London. By then, If You Leave had grown to a following of 440.000 on tumblr and was sold in more than 40 independent bookstores across the globe. In 2013, a fourth and final volume was announced and had its launch December 5th at London's 71a Gallery (home of Huck and Little White Lies) where a new direction for If You Leave was introduced. The IYL Showcase is a competition-based exhibition featuring 20 images, and was backed by a successful Kickstarter. The showcase opened October 23rd, 2014 in London and doubled as the launch for issue #1 of a biannual If You Leave Magazine. issue #2 of If You Leave Magazine, titled PM, was launched in 2015.

Following the success of the first showcase, the launch of the second IYL Showcase was held at Hatch Homerton on December 3rd 2015, featuring another 20 photographers.

Meanwhile we're working on the latest issue of the If You Leave magazine to be released summer 2016 and taking on several exiting independent projects to be published throughout autumn/winter 2016.

Our goal is to see our screen-to-print design continue to be used as a viable and flourishing form of publishing.

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